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Our world is
American Hardwoods

Consistent, high-quality, on-grade, American hardwood lumber. Reliably delivered by the truck load. On time. Every time.

Grow. Harvest. Manufacture. When we say, “Straight from the source,” we're it.

Premium Hardwood Lumber

We’ve served as a leader in manufacturing high-quality lumber since 1929. Stop worrying about receiving lumber that isn’t on-time or on-grade. Choose KLC lumber for your next project.

Forest Management

With more than 100 years of forest stewardship experience, you can trust our team to promote and practice sustainable forest management to meet your goals. Start benefiting from our forestry team today.

Pallet Lumber

Our high-quality pallet stock is available in a variety of thicknesses and widths.

Timber Harvesting / Logging

Whether logging as part of the Wisconsin Managed Forest Law (MFL) program, or for business or personal reasons, meet your goals using our trusted team.

Custom Rip Solutions

With over 25 years of custom lumber milling experience, we know a thing or two about ripping and sanding lumber.

Saw Logs & Veneer Logs

When it comes to consistent log grade inspections and outstanding log maintenance, we’ve got your covered. Whether buying or selling, discover how our process can benefit you.

Wood Veneer Sheets

The essence of quality, our veneer speaks for itself.

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