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2014 Fall Forestry Festival Recap

On September 13, within the 29 acres of the Ray Kretz Industrial Forest located on the property of Kretz Lumber Company in Antigo, over 250 individuals came together to learn proper forest management techniques and celebrate the 13th Fall Forestry Festival. It’s all part of Kretz Lumber Company’s focus on teaching land owners correct forest care in order to strengthen forests and preserve the legacy of Wisconsin woodlands.

View pictures from the event here!

“In quite simple terms, forestry management is providing the forest proper care so it stays healthy and dynamic, provides value to a landowner, and also preserves its health and diversity,” stated Troy Brown, President of Kretz Lumber Company. “Our lives are interconnected to forests. Consider paper production, housing materials, and wildlife safety; forest health is critical to each of these. Our goal is to help landowners understand proper management techniques and have the resources needed to effectively manage their woodlands.”

During the festival, landowners had the opportunity to participate in a number of hands-on, educational sessions, including chainsaw and tree cutting safety, forest insect and disease discussions, and educational hayride tours through a managed forest. The festival was hosted by Kretz Lumber and co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee and EXPERA specialty solutions.

“Sustainable forest management happens when educated landowners have the tools, resources and knowledge needed to manage their land. Our goal is to provide these resources to our customers to help ensure the future of Wisconsin and Michigan forests.”

Troy Brown

Landowners interested in learning more about how to properly manage their land can call Kretz Lumber at 800-352-1438 or visit

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