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4 signs you are working with the wrong lumber supplier

No matter what kind of project you are working on, if you start with low quality lumber, or the process to secure your lumber is cumbersome, the more likely it is that you won’t be happy with the end result. Here are four signs you are working with the wrong lumber supplier (and why working with Kretz Lumber is different).

1. Your lumber is not dried to the proper moisture content. Without a consistent moisture content, you have no way of knowing how much your wood is going to shrink or expand.

Kretz Lumber dries to a 6-8% moisture content, everytime. Our kiln drying equipment, kiln staff, and processes ensure quality control and consistent moisture content.

2. Your lumber is off-grade, causing you headaches during manufacturing. Checks, splits, stain, internal stresses, and just mis-graded lumber can cause problems when cutting the pieces for your products in the rough mill. We take quality very seriously. We only sell you what we would use for ourselves. We make sure our lumber is properly conditioned to relieve stress and any knots, checks, splits, and stains fit within grading standards. And we even have a quality guarantee. And if you want a grade-mix, our experienced sales staff at KretzLumber can help you..

3.  Your lumber does not originate from a sustainable resource.  Unfortunately, not all lumber species originate from a sustainable resource. The United States has the best managed forests in the world, so why not only use American Hardwoods? Sustainability and quality are our #1 priorities at Kretz Lumber. We only sell “Real” American Hardwood to ensure that your lumber derives from the best managed forests in the world. We are committed to being good stewards of our land while preventing damage to ecosystems that depend on our forests for their existence.

4. The process for purchasing and receiving your lumber is not easy. Is your day extremely busy? Do you consistently receive the quality of lumber you expect? Is the process for purchasing and receiving lumber easy and stress free?

At Kretz Lumber, we make buying lumber easy. Our sales team can find your solution and you can place your order via email or over the phone.  Also, our network of trucking firms can deliver high quality lumber to your receiving dock on-time, everytime.  Just a couple of clicks (or a phone call) and your lumber is on the way!

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