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Our Story

Delivering sustainable, high-quality lumber for 90 years.

We exist so everyone has a high quality, American hardwood lumber supplier at their fingertips. Our dedication to delivering the best premium, and most sustainably managed wood products in the world, drives everything we do. We rigorously inspect and analyze every piece of lumber we sell to ensure it meets our expectations and exceeds yours. All wood consumers benefit from our high-quality lumber.

Kretz Lumber Co., Inc. has called northern Wisconsin home for the past 90 years. We live, work, and play in some of the most pristine hardwood forests the Midwest offers. Our process starts in the forest where our foresters wisely choose what trees need to be harvested. Those logs are moved to our sawmill to get processed into lumber. That lumber is dried in one of our 16 dry kilns and then surfaced, ripped, and/or sanded to order.

We focus on American Hardwoods. We do this to ensure the product you receive originates from a sustainable resource. To us, a sustainable resource is one that bonds better water quality, cleaner air, high-quality wildlife habitat, and better living conditions for human life. As far as our level of expertise, this can only be done by concentrating on American Hardwoods.

From our humble logging roots of yesterday to our national shipping distribution network today, Kretz Lumber is firmly committed to providing woodworkers access to superior lumber and fast, helpful, service. We look forward to serving you now and for years to come.


Sustainability is our #1 priority at Kretz Lumber. We will not sell any lumber from origins that demonstrate evidence of soil erosion, species extinction, or the homes of people destroyed for the pure economics of the wood harvested. We guarantee that, after a harvest, the forest radiates with the most excellent possibility to improve its ecological, social, and economic value. The best-managed forests are here in the United States. Therefore, our inventory contains only American hardwood species where we know the forest source and will maintain our partnership with it for generations to come.

Our Guarantee

We believe in our lumber so much that we guarantee it. Our customers can order confidently, knowing that each piece of lumber will be delivered following the specifications we promised. If you find your order doesn’t meet these expectations, send it back in its entirety, and we’ll provide a full refund.

If you are ever displeased with your shipment, please let us know.

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