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First Steps as a New Timberland Owner

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When making an investment (which land is an investment) you should do your homework first. Sometimes land comes up for sale and you need to act quickly which doesn't allow that. In some cases people inherit land; what do I do with it?

Sit down with a pencil and paper and start jotting down what you know about the property and what you would like to use the property for. Things you may want to jot down, what do the property taxes cost per year and how will I pay for them? Besides hunting what do you want to use this property for; recreation, skiing, camping, relaxation etc.? What kind of trees do I have and what condition are they in? Is aesthetics important, wildlife management, timber management?

Once you have started this process the next step is to get some help, contact a forester and set up an appointment to walk the property. Bring your list of ideas and questions.

Once the forester has a good idea of your goals and the conditions of the trees they can start making recommendations. Think this conversation over and work with the foresters on developing the plan. The plan does not have to be elaborate but should cover short term and long term goals.

You should have a good idea of what the results of implementing the plan will be. Educating yourself is really the first step and getting professional help is a big part of that first step.

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