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Fall Forestry Festival

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Fall Forestry Festival

Forestry field day is less than three weeks away!!  The event this year is scheduled for September 13, 2014 and it is our favorite day of the year at Kretz Lumber Co., Inc.!!

On the brochure this year, you will notice that the name has changed to Fall Forestry Festival. In addition to the preparation for the seasonal change, FALL, has a new meaning to us; Forestry Assistance Landowner Legacy.

This year is exciting to put together as we have four legacy landowners that we have worked with through the years that have exciting stewardship stories to share. We thank the Brandt Family, Palmquist’s Farm, the Shuman Family, and Peshtigo Preserve for their willingness to share their experience with us.

One other slight change to note, for returning guests from other years, is that lunch will be served this year as opposed to a breakfast.

The Festival’s activities include the famous walking tour of the Ray Kretz Industrial Forest, the hayride tour of the Merry Property that is back by popular demand, a Dimension Plant tour that will consist of products produced by secondary manufacturer’s, a sawmill video tour, the popular DNR stream shocking, a forest insect and disease discussion, chainsaw safety training, and many tent displays with plenty of information.

Our schedule for the day is set. Registration is at 9AM with coffee, cookies made by local 4-H families and plenty of stories. We will kick-off the event at 10AM. Tours begin at 10:20AM as you will be able to pick any of the day’s events that are interesting to you. Lunch at your leisure is set for 11AM and concludes at 1PM. The entire event will conclude at 2PM.

Finally, I want to give a huge shout of thanks to this year’s co-sponsors, The Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee and EXPERA Specialty Solutions. Their commitment is above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!!

We look forward to seeing everyone on this special day, rain or shine.


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