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Did you know: Antigo Silt Loam is Wisconsin’s State Soil?

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Did you know that Antigo Silt Loam is Wisconsin’s state soil?

In 1983 state legislators voted to make Antigo Silt Loam our state soil. It is found prevalently in the area of Antigo, Wisconsin. Antigo is where our Kretz Lumber sawmill is located. This soil provides nutrition for the hard maple, basswood and red oak trees that are grown, harvested and hauled to our mill for processing into lumber. Our high quality northern hardwood lumber is then dried and sold throughout the United States and all over the world.

During the last ice age, which ended 11,000 years ago, a sheet of ice three miles high covered our area. When the glacier melted the soil it held, settled in the region that includes the Kretz mill in Antigo and extends almost to Minnesota. The soil the glacier deposited was then mixed with organic material over time to create the fertile Antigo Silt Loam.

Antigo Silt Loam has a unique mixture of sand, clay and silt. This combination can hold moisture, yet drain excess water. Its composition is capable of holding optimal nutrients to grow quality agricultural products including the forest we are surrounded by in North Central Wisconsin. Quality hardwood trees thrive in this type of soil.

Next time you visit Kretz Lumber, or the city of Antigo, it is worth a trip to the northeast side of the city to view our historical marker. It is pictured here and overlooks our treasured soil resource.


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