Hard Maple has increased in popularity since the early 1990’s. What has made it a preferred choice of consumers and producer’s alike?

Prior to 1990, very few manufacturers could dry Hard Maple to the consistent white color that it is today. Dry kilns were often old and there was little if any detail paid to sticks that are used to place between lumber courses. But in the 1990’s, producers made adjustments to kilns, processes and stick design to produce a beautiful wood that was consistently white and free from drying blemishes.

At the same time European tastes in wood color was changing to lighter tones. This permeated to the United States where darker colored woods had been preferred for some time. Timing is everything and Hard Maple with the improved processes described above was primed for strong demand from changing consumer tastes.

Finally, the density and grain pattern of Hard Maple combines a fairly easy wood to machine with a grain pattern that offers variation, aesthetically. Making both suppliers and consumers pleased to manufacture products used with Hard Maple lumber and purchase those products that are beautiful in character.

So, the three reasons Hard Maple is a preferred white hardwood specie to everyone, alike, are:

  1. Consistent White Color
  2. Offers Alternative Color to Darker Hardwood Species
  3. Density and Grain Pattern are Fairly Easy to Machine and Offer Variation Aesthetically
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