Tuesday, 08 March 2016 14:23

Deer Turns Tables on Wolves

Whether he’s wielding a chainsaw in a cedar swamp or piloting an airplane above towering pines, Jim Hintz is seldom surprised by wildlife he sees in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

This career logger routinely shares lunch with gray jays and chickadees. He also must sometimes nudge and work around winter-stressed deer eating treetops he’s felled.

Among Hintz’s most memorable sightings was a moose that wandered by one winter as he verified a property line with his GPS unit. Another time, two timber wolves watched him operate his bulldozer from 10 yards away as they rested in cool dirt that Hintz graded on a summer afternoon.

But Hintz, now 73, barely believed his eyes Feb. 20, 2009, when several adult deer stopped eating maple buds and charged two wolves that appeared on a knoll 60 yards away.


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