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Brandt family forestry services property tour

This past summer our head forester Al Koeppel took to the woods with Kretz Forest Family member and landowner Jim Brandt to record a tour of his property. What transpired was hours worth of educational, and at times comical, video sharing land management strategies that have helped Jim and his wife Yvonne improve their 480 acre Shawano County property.

While each landowner has different goals, here is a short list of some common goals we often hear when talking with property owners:

• Wildlife management (attract or deter certain species)
• Improve recreational usage
• Increase timber production
• Safeguard property from disease and invasive species
• Create income opportunities
• Increase land value

This first video in our Brandt family property series gives a brief introduction to how Jim’s family acquired their property and talks about a few of the strategies Jim and Al have have used to improve wildlife habitat and produce higher quality hardwoods.

Throughout the next few months, we’ll be highlighting different segments of our tour with Jim and Al, with the goal of sharing strategies you may be interested in using on your own property. Watch the first video now and let us know if you have questions related to your property by emailing us or calling 1-800-352-1438.

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