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Custom Rip Solutions

Increase profits and productivity with Kretz Custom Lumber Milling

With over 25 years of custom lumber milling experience, you can rest assured your lumber will be ripped and sanded to your precise specifications. Because we harvest the trees ourselves and follow each piece of lumber through sawing, sanding and milling, our team can control quality and color every step of the way.

Services Include:

  • SLR1E (straight line rip 1edge)
  • Custom ripping
  • Custom sanding

Our Species

Our 48,000 square foot planing and ripping manufacturing facility can surface:

Hard Maple

Soft Maple

Red Oak

White Ash

White Birch


Improve your yield and reduce waste using our custom cut lumber and milling services. Use the button above, email us directly, or call 800-352-1438 for a personalized quote.

Mike Peterson

Jason Brettingen

Calvin Diercks