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Forestry Field Day 2023 Recap

2023 Forestry Field Day participants hear from a presenter

Over 300 people braved the rain to attend Kretz Lumber’s 2023 Forestry Field Day on September 23, 2023. Three-quarters of an inch of rain fell throughout the day. Still, the sky lightened enough at 11:00 AM, and the precipitation stopped for about an hour and a half—just enough to conduct the popular forest tours in the Ray Kretz Industrial Forest.

The day began at 10:00 AM with the National Anthem, welcomes, and recognitions. This year, we recognized two Legacy Landowners, The Harold Matis Family and Block Blumview Acres. The Legacy folks were given gifts and stayed the day to share their landowner stories with the event attendees.

Zak Knab, the Private Lands Deer & Habitat Biologist for the WI DNR, provided an overview of the program he works with at the state level. He then entertained questions from the audience for a 15-minute question-and-answer session. Zak spent the rest of the day with participants at a table providing further information about wildlife habitat.

Although the rain prohibited the regularly scheduled Timber Sports competition, folks stayed to see the Czarneski antique saw collection and participated in the log identification contest. Also, Tress for Tomorrow provided children’s activities and numerous displays around the tent and the Forestry Field Day grounds before the wrap-up at 2 PM.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2025 Forestry Field Day event!

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