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Forestry Field Day

The Kretz Lumber Forestry Field Day combines a lumberjack breakfast, guest speakers, exhibitions, learning stations, tours and prizes to create a memorable day.

Activities and information are geared to all ages, so families can enjoy our Forestry Field Day together. Past speakers have included Patrick Moore, founder of Green Spirit and one of the world’s foremost authorities on forest sustainability.

The Kretz Lumber Company Landowners’ Forestry Field Day has gained national recognition and has been structured around two major objectives:

  • Update and inform landowners on proper management of their woodlands.
  • Encourage forest management and forest stewardship.


For over 80 years, we have carefully harvested our hardwood from the slow growth Great Lakes region, providing unsurpassed quality and sustainability to you, our customer. We grade every log that passes through our facility twice – once when it arrives and again before shipping – to ensure it meets your precise specifications. Currently operating 14 dry kilns, with a capacity in excess of 13 million board feet annually, our experienced team follows time-tested procedures to produce high quality lumber – free of stain, sticker-shadow, and other drying defects.

Questions on Forestry Field Day?