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Free Managed Forest Law (MFL) Program Forestry Consultation

Do you have a mandatory thinning or harvest due for your property enrolled in the MFL program? Could you benefit from talking to an experienced forester about managing your cut? We can help!

As a landowner, you no doubt have goals for your property. As experienced foresters, our team can ensure your land objectives and MFL program requirements are met. Whether increasing wildlife and recreational opportunities or creating income, utilizing a forester’s skills before, during and after a harvest can help ensure the health and productivity of your woodlot. 

What can our team of foresters do for you?

  • Setup and administration of your MFL harvest, from filling notices, timber marking, boundary setup, harvesting operations, to prompt payment
  • Maximize long term financial returns from your forest, improve wildlife and recreational opportunities
  • Provide professional forestry management plans that are completed precisely to your expectations and goals
  • Deliver expert guidance on timber harvesting and sustainable forestry practices

To take advantage of our free offer to MFL program participants:

1. Call 715-623-5410 or email
2. Mention the MFL program offer. There is no obligation or fee due for this basic service.

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