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Premium Hard Maple Lumber

No one does Hard Maple better!

We are the pioneers of white hard maple for a reason. In 1990, we designed the first kiln drying process that increased airflow and venting capacities during the drying cycle. This method enabled us to keep hard maple consistently white throughout each kiln charge. Twenty-five years later, customers continue to rave about our unique ability to provide such bright hard maple. Our superior hard maple is grown in the most desirable northern hardwood regions of Michigan and Wisconsin and dried consistently white year round. White hard maple is great for cabinets, furniture, flooring, doors and architectural moulding and millwork.

Hard maple, desired for its clean, white appearance, is our specialty. Customers turn to us to supply some of the brightest hard maple lumber available. Our prime location in the heart of the Midwest’s hardwood forests and our close proximity to the Great Lakes region provides an abundant and sustainable selection.

Our customers rave about our unique ability to keep our hard maple bright. Using time-tested drying processes established right here in our sawmill, we are able to deliver a superior product to you. From selecting the best trees, to sawing and drying, our techniques produce a product unique to the market.

  • Available in 8/4, 6/4 and 4/4 (S&B white, #1c white, #2a white, S&B brown, #1c brown)
  • Popular Uses: Flooring, cabinets, furniture, doors and architectural millwork and molding
  • Color Detail: The Sapwood is white while the Heartwood is a pale brown or tan.

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Builders, cabinet makers and flooring buyers all benefit from the quality and brightness of our hard maple. And you can too. Call 800-352-1438, or email our team directly to request your personalized hardwood lumber quote.

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