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In the woods
: Q&A with Rickert’s Excavating Co.

In order to do our jobs well, we rely on a lot of different professionals while working in the woods. From loggers, haulers, excavators and more, we pride ourselves on working with some of the best in the business. Not only do great partners make our jobs a little easier, but they also help us meet our customer’s goals, which is our main priority when working in your woods. 

In this Q&A, we get to know Rickert’s Excavating Company, based out of Birnamwood, WI. They provide logging and excavating services to individuals throughout Central and Northeastern Wisconsin. We’ve worked with them for over four years and are grateful to have such experienced loggers in the woods with us. 

How did your business get started?
When I was a kid, dad logged with horses as a one of his jobs. He always said, “When you get saw dust in your blood, it’s tough to get it out.” In 1987, Clark and David started timber harvesting along with the excavating business during the winter. Then in 1989, the business started logging for the first time. In 1997, we started mechanized and cut to length logging.

How do your services help landowners?
Our services help landowners to manage and maintain healthy forests. We want to manage today’s woodland to ensure future growth.

What do you love about your work?
First off, the opportunity to work in nature and in the forest is something we enjoy. It is great to be outside with wildlife like deer while working. Secondly, being a logger is a real honest and hard working job that has great history in this state. Finally, it is great to be part of the process of managing forests and watching them grow over time.

Interested in having Rickert’s Excavating Company and Kretz Lumber Company do some logging on your property? Contact us and let’s discuss your goals and determine the best strategies for your land.

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