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Logging: An Agricultural Experience

Logging can often be left behind as the topic of agriculture arises. As a result, opportunities to educate and raise awareness for the economic and environmental benefits of our industry cannot be ignored. From roots of a corn stalk, to roots of an Aspen, both organisms are grown and harvested as a commodity that we could not go without.  

On August 16th, 2016, I had the honor of meeting with ten Michigan FFA state officers from across lower Michigan to assist in guiding them on an active logging site tour. The Michigan FFA Association focuses on developing student’s leadership skills, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Bill Brand, owner of Northland Harvesting, was gracious enough to let us tour his job. We were able to observe hot saw cutting and the loading of a log truck. 

The students were truly impressed by the machine work and dedication involved within our industry. Their interest level exceeded every expectation and the questions continued to pour in. Accompanied by foresters Jack Thomas and Logger Hubbard, we encouraged their enthusiasm and enjoyed great discussions about forestry. These young adults are great role models for the next generation. They understand that it takes commitment, long hours, and hard work to be successful. This group has come from a long line of hard work; We were fascinated to discover that we had third, fourth, and fifth generation farmers upon us.  

As we concluded the tour, we were all in agreement that logging is a lot like farming. We are true stewards of the forest and the resources that benefit all of us on this earth!

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