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Lumber Delivery

Take the worry out of delivery. Reliable, timely lumber delivery - where and when you need it.

75 years of successful lumber deliveries don’t just happen – it takes a committed team, an excellent trucking and shipping network, plus a keen attention to the details.

Ask any of our customers and you’ll find our lumber delivery service provides:

  • On-time deliveries to your location (we ship worldwide).
  • Lumber graded and inspected to meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Robust, high-quality lumber selection.
  • Support from an honest and knowledgeable team.

You shouldn’t have to worry about receiving lumber on time and on grade. With Kretz Lumber Co., Inc., you don’t have to. Call 800-352-1438, or email our team directly to request your personalized hardwood lumber quote.

Mike Peterson

Jason Brettingen

Calvin Diercks