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Worldwide Lumber Exports

The right place at the right time - specializing in global lumber exports.


o matter where you are, you can depend on Kretz Lumber Company and our years of lumber shipping experience to get you the lumber you need. With expertise around the globe, our export team is knowledgeable and experienced in international markets.

Serving more than 15 countries around the world, our export markets have more than doubled since 2008. Our specialization in providing high-quality North American Hardwood Lumber to our export customers led to us receiving the State of Wisconsin Governor’s Export Achievement Award in 2011, recognizing our success in worldwide lumber exports.

Calvin Diercks

Talk with our Lumber Export Team:

From taking care of all documentation required to ship your product to your port of entry, to lumber that is graded and inspected to meet your specifications and demands, we will get you the materials you need, when you need them.

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