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Meet our New Head Forester, Nate Gilbert

Get to know our new head Forester, Nate Gilbert!

Question: What made you want to become a forester?

Nate’s answer: I chose forestry because growing up in Upper Michigan I spent the better part of my childhood enjoying the outdoors. I became a forester so I would be able to spend more time outdoors doing what I am passionate about and sharing that passion with others, through timber management, wildlife and taking care of the environment.

Question: When did you start working at Kretz Lumber Company? What is one aspect of your job you really like?

Nate’s answer: I started working at Kretz Lumber Company in July of 2018. One aspect of the job I really enjoy is the not knowing what the next day will bring and the constant challenges that arise. 

Question: What is a common question you often receive from landowners? How do you answer it? And how do you offer value to the landowners you work with?

Nate’s answer: A common question I receive from landowners is how can they make their property more attractive for wildlife. My answer is to properly manage the land by doing necessary harvests, which provide food and shelter, for many different wildlife species. Also by providing diversity across the property. I offer value to landowners by assuring them that I have their best interests in mind and I am always available to answer their questions. I am here as a resource to assist them in properly managing their woodlands while ensuring they are comfortable with any harvesting or other management related to their property.

If you have forestry related questions you’d like to ask Nate personally, you can reach him by phone at 1-800-352-1438 or by contacting him using this form

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