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Meet the Forester: Blake Persha

Get to know our new Forester, Blake Persha!

Q: What made you want to become a forester?

I love the outdoors and have always been interested in anything related to it, so forestry seemed like a natural fit. Plus, my Dad has been in the industry my entire life so I was introduced to forestry at a young age. As a child, it had always been a job I was interested in having when I got older. 

Q: When did you start working at Kretz Lumber Company? What is one aspect of your job you really like?

I started in mid-December and I have to say I really enjoy meeting and working with landowners. I also love getting to explore the forests around here. No two woodlots are the same and it’s always interesting to talk with landowners and learn about the history of their land.

Q: What is a common question you often receive from landowners? How do you answer it?

A lot of people ask me about what I would do to manage a property best for deer hunting. The answer really varies based on the property, but a few common strategies I generally recommend are: 1) encourage oak regeneration; 2) create bedding habitat and travel corridors; and 3) ensure good food sources are available. Being a hunter myself, I understand the passion a lot of these landowners have. Ultimately, the individual should create a land management plan of some sort and then work with a forester to implement the plan to best meet the landowner’s goals.

If you have forestry related questions you’d like to ask Blake personally, you can reach him by phone at 1-800-352-1438 or contact him using this form

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