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Millwork & Component Manufacturers

High-quality millwork and components begin with hardwood lumber from Kretz Lumber Co., Inc. Our lumber is conditioned correctly to alleviate any drying stress and dried to a consistent moisture content every kiln charge.

We are pioneers of drying Hard Maple consistently white every time. Our uniform Maple provides the much-needed blank canvas for woodworking plants. Our Maple is more than the perfect match for millwork and components from stained, painted, or natural.

Additionally, we provide Soft Maple, Red Oak (wheat and non-wheat,) Birch, and Cherry to the best wood manufacturers in the world.

Species include:

Hard Maple

Soft Maple

Red Oak


White Birch

Yellow Birch

Call us at 800-352-1438 for the opportunity to join our network of customers and talk to one of the experienced sales representatives at Kretz Lumber or email us at