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Pallet Stock Lumber

Improve your yields and complete projects on time using our pallet lumber


ince 1929, Kretz Lumber Company has been a leader in manufacturing high-quality American hardwood lumber.  Our pallet stock is no different.  Producing over 10 million board feet of lumber annually, choose from pallet stock available in various thicknesses, from 1/2” lumber to 4” cants.  Our inventory is cut to 8’, 10’, and 12’ lengths. You will benefit from our attention to detail and ability to deliver boards with the correct thickness, width, and quality.

Pallet lumber species include:

Hard Maple

Soft Maple

Red Oak

White Ash

White Birch

Yellow Birch




Calvin Diercks

Call us at 800-352-1438 for the opportunity to join our network of customers and talk to Cal Diercks.  Or if you choose, you can email us at