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Ray Kretz Industrial Forest

The Ray Kretz Industrial Forest is 29 acres of forest land on the south end of company headquarters in Antigo.

Teeming with plant and animal life, it is a true working forest used as an educational tool to demonstrate the dynamics of forest management. It corrects the misconception that commercial forest activities compete with, or diminish, the value of the non-commercial benefits our forests provide. In reality, the actions of a harvesting crew guided by a professional forester promote the inherent benefits of a forest site through a well thought out approach called a management plan.

Unique Features:

Features of the Ray Kretz Industrial Forest include: A log cabin that functions as a meeting room/classroom. A class I trout stream featuring an observation deck and habitat improvement that borders the forest. The forest has been sub-divided into 14 working units and more than a mile of walking trails. These units encompass a wide variety of features and timber stand types. Some units share characteristics and some are unique unto themselves. By using a twelve-year rotation of specific silvicultural methods, the forest will show first-hand the effects of various types of management.

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