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From selectively harvesting timber, to implementing strategies to foster new growth and enhance wildlife habitats, Kretz Lumber’s team of experienced, professional foresters can help you develop a custom forestry management plan to reach your goals, save money, and improve your land.

  • "It pleases me to not see broken and smashed trees remaining after our cut. Whole and healthy trees are what we wanted when all was said and done.That is exactly what we got. Thank you!"

  • "The Kretz forester I worked with took an initial tour with me and answered all of my questions and concerns. I learned more about forestry during that first meeting than any other experience in my life."

  • "Excellent job from start to finish, on time and everything was complete. Communication between the Kretz forester and the logger was flawless. Thank you!"

  • "I was very apprehensive having someone else cutting in our woods, however the the forester and loggers were great guys and did a superb job. I appreciate the work of Kretz Lumber."

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Our goal is to educate landowners about proper forest management techniques while providing the best service to meet your property goals. Landowners throughout Wisconsin and the upper Midwest have been turning to Kretz Lumber's forestry professionals for more than 100 years to ensure proper management of their forests.

Turn to Kretz Lumber’s Forestry Services team and receive:

  • Professional forestry management plans that are completed precisely to your expectations and goals
  • Expert guidance on timber harvesting and sustainable forestry practices
  • Unparalleled service and communication before, during and after the harvest
  • Honest, trusted answers to all of your forestry questions and concerns

Whether you are turning to a forester for the first time or have been managing your land for decades, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the best for you and your forest.

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Our Forestry Services Team

Our team of forestry professionals is here to serve you. Put our years of sustainable forestry management experience to work for you. Email or call us @1-800-352-1438 with your forest management questions.

Kretz Lumber forester coverage area

Andy Roelse Andy Roelse
(920) 946-6140

Jim Kostrzewa Blake Persha
(715) 321-4269

Tim Nicklaus Tim Nicklaus
(715) 493-4740


Denny Fincher Denny Fincher
(715) 493-4041

Charley MacIntosh Charley Macintosh
(906) 250-0757

Gus Blemke Gus Blemke
(715) 218-7072


Jake Delvaux Jake Delvaux
(715) 490-4441

Education and Outreach

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