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Soft Maple Lumber

Premium slow growth soft maple from the Great Lakes region.

Soft maple lumber resembles hard maple given its tight grains, but is a less dense, easily worked lumber. As a soft maple lumber supplier, our company is known for producing a consistent colored, soft (red) maple. Harvesting timber from the slow growth, Great Lakes region often leads to fewer defects in the lumber, an advantage passed on to you, our customer.

  • Available in 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4 Thickness (S&B sap & better, #1c sap & better, #2a sap & better, 3A white, S&B brown, #1c brown)
  • Popular uses: Mouldings, cabinets, furniture
  • Color detail: The sapwood is a smoky white while the heartwood is a reddish brown

Currently operating 13 dry kilns, with a capacity in excess of 13 million board feet annually, our experienced team follows time-tested procedures to produce high-quality lumber – free of stain, sticker-shadow, and other drying concerns.

Soft maple is great for furniture, veneer, wooden ware, pallets, and crates. Call 800-352-1438, or email our team directly to request your personalized soft maple lumber quote.

Mike Peterson

Jason Brettingen

Calvin Diercks