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What Makes Kretz Lumber Different?

While we’ve been producing and delivering high quality lumber for more than 90 years, we might be new to you. And naturally, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I choose Kretz Lumber?” There are a number of reasons why we are different when compared to other suppliers. We invite you to learn more about us and experience first-hand the Kretz Lumber difference. 

There are different grades that lumber is sold off of. The highest standard grade is called Select & Better (this is a grouping of the three highest grades). Select & Better lumber has an 83 1/3% yield, which means at least 83 1/3% is usable/clear material.  Whether you need Select & Better, 1 Common, 2 Common, or industrial grades, when we ship our lumber to customers, we know we are shipping the most usable and highest quality wood possible for your needs. 


Protecting the environment is a pretty common theme that most people stand behind. We too stand behind this aspect. We want to protect our earth and forests for generations to come. This is why we do not sell any lumber from origins that demonstrate evidence of soil erosion, species extinction, or the destruction of people’s homes for the pure economics of the wood harvested. We guarantee that, after a harvest, the forest radiates with the most excellent possibility to improve its ecological, social, and economic value.

But we take sustainability even further than great forestry practices. In some countries, the lumber industry is very lucrative because they are harvesting and selling exotic species of wood. These species can be desired for a few different reasons like durability and decay resistance.  But because the exotic lumber industry is so lucrative, most forestry practices are forgotten about. Many exotic species are illegally harvested, and many of these foreign logging companies don’t care that they are cutting down an endangered species. All they care about is the profits they will make off that lumber. 

This is why we only sell American hardwoods. We know the lumber is coming from a sustainable source, and that’s the type of lumber and industry we want to support. By buying American hardwoods, you make a stand against illegal harvesting of timber and show support for sustainable products. 

More than a Lumber Supplier

We are a hardwood lumber supplier, but we strive to be much more than that. Our goal is to give you all the materials and information you need to succeed. First, we can supply you with high quality American lumber. But more importantly, we are here to answer your questions, whether that may be needing help with a mixed truckload solution or a grade-mix. We are here to help.

We are also very active in our local community. Our team is comprised of some of the most hardworking people the Midwest has to offer. From the loggers sawing the trees to the inspectors in our sawmill and distribution network drivers, our people are invested in our communities and give back in numerous ways throughout the year. At the end of the day, Kretz Lumber is more than just a business. We are people that live and breathe American hardwood lumber.. We have been producing and providing companies with lumber for over 90 years. We know what it’s like to see a piece of wood and know exactly what to make with it. Wood products are our passion, and we want to share this passion with you! 

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