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What to expect working at Kretz Lumber Co., Inc.

Hard work, exceptional quality, outstanding results. Our team of employee owners takes this motto to heart. We work hard every day to satisfy our customers and have become one of the leading brands in the hardwood lumber industry. We are constantly learning and striving to not only improve our pay and benefits but also enhance our service to customers, manufacturing processes, and contributions to the community.

All of our employee owners take pride in a job well done. Being employee owned, everyone cares about details that contribute to profits. This allows us to offer a bonus and incentive system that rewards our fast paced environment.

We offer a competitive base pay system. In addition to the wage structure, we have a paid health insurance program (80% of your premium). We also offer a 401K program and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that contributes to a retirement account in all of our employees’ names. The success and effectiveness of our work, each day, affects the amount of contribution to the ESOP retirement accounts.

Other benefits include paid dental insurance, short and long-term disability, a section 125 plan (flex spending account), and life insurance through our group health plan.

There are ancillary benefits that are measured here at Kretz Lumber as well. We have an OSHA mod rate that is year over year, less than 1. This means that we have a safety record that is better than our industry peers. Also, we have an employee turnover rate that is 3.44% compared to the national average that was 17.8% (2016).

Here is a summary of all the benefits mentioned:

  1. Competitive Base Pay
  2. Bonus and Incentive Pay
  3. 80% Paid Health Insurance Premium
  4. 401K (Tax Deferred Employee Contribution)
  5. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (100% Employer Contribution)
  6. Paid Dental Insurance
  7. Short and Long-term Disability
  8. Section 125
  9. Life Insurance
  10. OSHA Mod Rate Less than 1
  11. Low Employee Turnover Rate

We are in a growth mode and hiring general laborers for a number of entry level positions so come out and apply at W11143 Hwy G in Antigo or email Todd, our General Manager, and he will send you a pdf file of our applicatio

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