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Why Choose American Hardwoods

If you’d look through our inventory, you’ll find one common theme. We don’t carry any exotics and only sell American hardwoods. We sell only American hardwoods for a few different reasons. Let’s dive in!

Straight From the Source

Number one, our mill is in the middle of some of the most beautiful hardwood timber stands in the world.  

American Industries

Another reason why we only sell American hardwoods is to promote American industries. American hardwoods come from American forests, are harvested by American loggers, and manufactured into lumber in American manufacturing plants. These activities all feed the American economy.

Sustainable and Legally Harvested

The last reason, but possibly the most important, is American hardwoods are legally harvested and sustainably managed. American hardwoods come from the best-managed forests in the world. What goes hand-in-hand with excellent forestry practices is sustainability. Here in the US, we make sure to grow more trees than we harvest, and we are continually assessing the life-cycle of the tree and its surroundings. We make sure to treat our forests properly so we can utilize their resources for generations to come.

Sustainability and sound forestry practices aren’t priorities in all countries, though. As many people know, exotic woods can be pretty expensive. In these cases, the value of the lumber trumps sustainability and forestry practices. Unfortunately, certain tree species are going extinct, and we need to do what we can to protect them. One way we can all combat this is to purchase lumber that originates from a sustainable source.

These three reasons are why Kretz Lumber only sells American hardwoods. We want to provide the best price material for our customers, support the American economy, and we always put sustainability first.

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